Without law, liberty becomes licentiousness

Without law, liberty becomes licentiousness Posted on August 25, 2016 by Bob LivingstonViews: 2,004 320 Shares The public has been trained to think in terms of what is legal and what is illegal. The politicians and their elite bosses operate above the law and outside the law. For them, legal is what they say it […]

Madigan power stems from controlling the map/ Who votes in which District

In a 4-3 ruling, the Illinois Supreme Court erased from November ballots a referendum on legislative mapmaking, and handed a major victory to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan Aug. 25. In its ruling, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed the July 20 decision from Cook County Circuit Court Judge Diane Larsen. This stands as the second time in the last three years […]

Man chestfeeding baby

The Fabulist Fourth Estate and “Chestfeeding” Fake Men Written By Laurie Higgins  |   08.26.16 Fabulist: a liar or someone who invents and tells dishonest stories (*CAUTION: Not for younger readers*) Perhaps you’ve been living in the real world—and by real, I mean the world that actually exists, where actual science matters, where language exists […]

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