This Affects All Northern Illinois Residents/ Smart Meters

Message from DuPage Tea Party regarding Smart Meters:

Com Ed in Northern Illinois is forcibly implementing the Smart Meter Program that we have been concerned about as part of the Agenda 21 objective to actively monitor and control your usage of electricitywater and gas  in your  home with or without your consent.

What does this mean to you? In addition to being a violation  of our 4th amendment rights under the Constitution to private property rights which is a basic fabric of  American protection against an overzealous government, they are also security risk as they are easily hackable by anyone. They are as safety concern as they have been known to cause fires by spontaneous combustion, they are a health risk as they constantly emit radio active frequencies and overlap with neighbors frequencies creating an intensified radio active distructive zone that permeates your home, and over billing…would we expect anything less from Com Ed than to make you pay for NOT having the Smart Meter?Smart-Meter-Examples

The interactions to date we’ve had with Com Ed personnel is just what we would expect.  They are condescending and completely ignorant of the real ramifications of Smart Meters.  It’s their “job” to use their own talking points and that’s all they do.

In addition, most of our municipal governing bodies are completely ignorant of what is being forced upon us…and them.  They just know what they’ve been told by Com Ed.

What can you do?  What must you do?

Let our voices be heard loud, strong!
1. If you are a Darien resident, come to a very important village council  meeting on:

OCTOBER 19th. 2015
the City of Darien Village Hall
1702 Plainfield Road
Darien, IL

Meet/Greet with the Mayor 6-7 p.m.
Pre-Council Work Session: 7-7:30 p.m.
City Council Meeting: 7:30 p.m.

We need a strong showing of people at this meeting.  

2.  If you are NOT a Darien resident, find out from your local municipality when they will be discussing the Smart Meter implementation. It has already started in many communitites. Send the info to me at  and I will blast it out to our tea party group so people can be informed and make their voices heard loud and clear on their home turf.

3. Below are suggestions of questions to get you started that you can ask.

1.     Am I legally required to accept a Smart Meter, since this violates my 4th Amendment Rights?
2.     Since there exists no mandate from the Illinois Commerce Commission, State of Illinois or Federal Government by what right can a Smart Meter be installed on my private property?
3.     Is it true that my energy use information will be sold to third party vendors, in order to market products or track my activities in some way?
4.     What current evidence proves smart meters to be safe, and meets FCC guidelines?   What protocol studies of privacy, safety, security, health, and over-billing issues were done to dateon Smart Meters, and what were the results to any installation?
5.     Are utilities getting financial kickbacks in forcing Smart Meter installation, incentivizing and/or bribery in other industrialized countries, under the guise of multi-national Smart  
         Meter or Smart Grid initiatives?

4. Get educated.  This is our last chance to fight this overreach of government on our own homefront.

Stop Smart Meter Websites For Additional Information Include:


While the Republicans in the  federal government continues to fight against Conservatives in the House, the forces behind Agenda 21 continues ever strong in our local communities to take control over our lives.  We as “tea party” conservatives must understand that we have the most important fight of our lives in the next year or so until after the election and, God willing, a new President who is not out to destroy America takes office. Those who wish to destroy America as we have known it are going to be overwhelming us with everything they can until then.  We dare not give up or think that the battle is over.  We must be diligent. This is a fight for our survival. Are you ready?

Claire Van Horn
Founder of the DuPage Tea Party

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