Bill Foster has failed as our Congressman

Bill Foster has failed as our Congressman.

He has failed us in constituent services, he has failed us by supporting irresponsible economic policies, and he has failed us by voting for foreign policy actions that put our safety at risk.

Grades are out – and Bill Foster gets an F in his service to Illinois’ 11th District.

We can’t afford his failed leadership any longer. That’s why I want to represent you in Congress.

I want to go to Washington to focus on improving the quality of life for the residents of our district. I’ll do that by making choices that will improve our economy, promote public safety, and lift people up out of poverty.

Bill Foster has been failing us long enough. It’s time to stand up and take action so that we can get back to improving our local communities here in District 11.
Thank you for your help – I couldn’t do this without you.
– Tonia Khouri

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