Woman Killed by Ex-Boyfriend While Awaiting Gun Permit

NJ Woman Killed by Ex-Boyfriend While Awaiting Gun Permit

By Tom Hudson on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 ·
This story never saw the light of day on CNN or MSNBC. Bloomberg and his army of clones won’t be retelling this story to their mindless followers, either. Carol Browne had a violent ex-boyfriend named Michael Eitel who had threatened her life in the past. She followed the laws of New Jersey and petitioned for a restraining order, which she got against him. She also applied for a permit to own a hand gun on April 21, 2015.
Browne was killed last week by her ex—not with a gun, but with a knife. He waited for her to return home and stabbed her to death. She went as far as going in person to the police department two days before being murdered to check on the status of her application. Browne also had video surveillance cameras installed at her home, which tragically recorded her murder.
This woman, an American citizen protected by the Bill of Rights, was killed because the liberal idiots in this country think that a woman is safer without a gun. They tell us that she is much more likely to be killed by her own gun than to use it for self-defense. I can only wish that this had happened to one of these liberals instead of this innocent woman. This may sound cold-hearted and crass, but I’m done caring. There are consequences to stupid actions and those in charge of the stupid actions should be the ones paying the price.
Sadly, the liberal left will never acknowledge that this even happened. They will continue to push for more gun restrictions. Ignored will be the fact that she followed all of the laws and he did not, and this resulted in her death–not his. Ignored will also be the fact that he used a knife and not a gun to kill this woman. Had she had a gun, she would have had a fighting chance, but the liberals don’t care. They wanted her to depend on her local police agency to protect her.
So, that begs this question: Where were the police?
The answer is simple — they were delaying her gun permit application. Why in the hell does she need a permit to exercise the most basic human right of self-defense? Nothing is more important than one’s safety. Without it, you don’t need food, clothing, or shelter—just a burial plot.
This loser (her ex-boyfriend was an ex-con) had done time for kidnapping. I don’t know the details, but I would be willing to bet that some kind of weapon, probably a gun, was used in this kidnapping. Why is he out of prison? If the liberals are serious about stopping violent crime, ENFORCE the sentences. Stop paroling dangerous felons.
Kidnapping should carry life without the possibility of parole. End of story.
This is where “sensible” gun laws have gotten us. If you need a gun, and you need it now, and you live in New Jersey, you are screwed. Maybe the liberals can politely ask the criminals to have the courtesy of waiting until a citizen can legally obtain their firearm before attacking. I’m sure that this idiot could have been reasoned with.
Whatever happened to liberals standing up for women’s rights? Isn’t the right to defend one’s self pretty paramount? Maybe not — maybe abortion and gender reassignment are more important rights to be protected.
What do I know? I’m just a conservative, white, Christian male — the most reviled combination on earth right now. But, it appears that my fellow abhorrents and I are the only ones concerned with this woman’s murder.
There is an old cliché saying from when I was a kid that said, “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”. If I lived in one of these liberal cesspools, I would figure out a way to have a gun, no matter what. This poor woman put her faith and even her very life in the hands of the government, and the outcome was predictably bad.
There is a silver lining: The loser ex-boyfriend was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in another ex-girlfriend’s garage. But, I’m sure the liberals will point to this and say, “If he didn’t have access to a gun, he wouldn’t be dead, and maybe we could have gotten him the help he needed.” When will liberals learn that some people aren’t worth saving?


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