Press release for Homer Township Fire Trustees to be elected instead of appointed

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Date: 6-22-16


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Referendum Would Empower Homer Township Voters

Voters in the Homer Township Fire Protection District would gain the right to elect trustees to the fire protection board under provisions of a referendum that could appear on the November general election ballot.

Township residents, including HTFPD firefighters, have begun circulating petitions to put the question on the ballot.  If approved by voters in the fall, citizens would begin voting for candidates for the fire protection district’s board of fire trustees.  Currently, fire trustees are appointed by the Homer Township Board of Trustees.

By changing to an elected fire protection board, residents would gain direct control over the expenditure of their tax dollars while simultaneously assuming an active role in policies that affect public safety.

“By giving ballot box power to citizens we can assure full community participation in the way we pick our fire protection district trustees,” said David Curtis, with the Homer Township professional firefighters.  “Direct election of our public officials is the very backbone of our American system of government.  This simply gives power to the people whose safety and money are at stake.”

Curtis said volunteers will be going door-to-door in the coming weeks collecting signatures to put the question on the November 8 ballot.  If the measure is ultimately approved by voters, citizens would begin voting for fire protection district candidates beginning in 2017.


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