GOP Traitors prefer Globalism & Clinton/ Beware of the Ides of March

The GOP — rife with traitors


nevertrump“and you, Brutus?” Julius Caesar’s dying words in William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar

Two thousand years ago Caesar was forewarned of his assassination in the Roman Senate.  The Ides of March was the final nail in the coffin of democracy that would close for the next 1,500 years.

All these centuries later a New World Order (NWO) will bring a chilling autumn that threatens to winterkill personal liberty for generations.

Historians will look back at the early 21st Century and say that the relative harmony of the period was conjoined by a weak thread that snapped because of the loss of healthy nationalism, allowing a surge of Muslim immigration and terrorism to spread across Europe and North America.

Presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has come to prominence in the midst of this economic and social struggle.  Will he be the leader that America needs to stem this dark tide?

Heaven knows he needs all the help he can get.  Backstabbers have gathered within the GOP revealing an alliance not to the electorate but to policies that weaken us even as we face the enemy that exists within Islam.  These Republicans quietly back the Democratic presumed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.  They want her and not Trump to be America’s 45th president even though she used her tenure as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state to enrich herself by tens of millions of dollars and become Obama’s heir apparent.  During this period her loyalty never wavers in a way that would impact her personal fortune.

A shocking number of Republicans secretly support Clinton as ordered by the real powerbrokers.  Today’s political mutiny against Trump towers over Ted Kennedy’s 1980 challenge to President Jimmy Carter in his reelection bid, which Carter ended up losing to Ronald Reagan in 1980.

In 1980, an outsider who was a champion of America first, Ronald Reagan, had come to the political stage at a perfect moment and did as he promised, created jobs and rebuilt American confidence.  It would be runaway naiveté to think that Trump is the next Reagan.  But he offers hope like in Britain; that the voters will rise up and snap the chains to the New World Order before it is too late, before we have become enslaved by the opportunists on both sides of the Congressional aisle.

Optimists cross lines every day and the outcome could be much worse than the implosion of the Republican Party.  We should fear Republican opposition that hands the presidency to Clinton.  Clinton has proven herself to be incapable to telling the truth.  She has a nose for money and as such is perhaps the worst hypocrite in government in the modern era. Her pleas for women’s rights in the face of accepting personal payout for the Clinton Foundation from oil-rich Middle East despots is just one example of how she sees her personal wealth grow with little regard for the nation’s economic health.

I predict that a Clinton victory on the heels of eight years of economic mismanagement by Obama will throw the U.S. economy into a deep recession.  The trauma to the stock market because of a Clinton correction could lead to an economic depression where Clinton may have to declare martial law. This would mark the death of our personal liberties.

Not to harp on a Clinton victory, but as secretary of state she made dreadful judgements that cost lives.  Lastly, President H. Clinton would stock the Supreme Court with liberal justices the likes of which we’ve never even contemplated.

Below is the United States’ trade deficit since 1950.  One glance at it will show that American trade was stable until President Bill Clinton entered into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which came into force in January 1994.  It has created what H. Ross Perot predicted in the 1992 presidential election, a “giant sucking sound” of jobs going south to the cheap labor markets of Mexico.

U.S. Balance of TradeNone of the above seems to matter to a group of Republicans in and out of office who has the audacity to rally under the banner of “Never Trump.

Last month The Hill ran the headline: “Never Trump plots its last stand.”

This cabal’s plot almost reads like Adolph Hitler’s “Night of the Long Knives,” which was his putsch to take dictatorial command of Germany and wage war.

Certainly, 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney is a crybaby when it comes to losing. Four years earlier Romney begged for Trump’s endorsement (which he received) as well as
Trump’s financial support in campaign contributions.

In March Romney said as part of his anti-Trump comments: “Here’s what I know.  Donald Trump is a phony, fraud…”

Romney disagrees with more than 13 million GOP primary voters who voted for Trump. That total is more than any Republican has ever received.

The mutiny by so many establishment Republicans against Trump indicates there is more at stake than just envy or even fears that Trump may be a lousy President.  Clinton could easily be a terrible president, too, and someone who may be under criminal investigation for the way she used her office to benefit the Clinton Foundation and line her pockets.

An opinion from the field

My eldest son, who taught in London’s inner city and then inside a compound in Jeddah during the Arab Spring, has seen a lot.  He witnessed Saudi air strikes against Yemen.  Today he teaches at a boarding school in Scotland, the country that was a deciding factor in Britain’s departure from the EU.

I spoke to him over the weekend.  He said that the UK leaving the EU is only the latest in the war between globalists and nationalists.

“For the final time the world’s baby boomers are involved in a conflict that they may win,” he said adding that it is ironic that the generation that once demanded change is fighting to retain their status quo.  As a result, neither nationalism nor Trump are yet defeated.

Yours in good times and bad,

— John Myers

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