Charlie Kirk Speaks out at the GOP Convention in Cleveland

On Monday I was honored to speak on the main stage in Cleveland and address millions of Americans about the future of America and the youth of this country.

It was a tremendous honor and I hope you will take a moment to see what I said:

I was honored to be the youngest speaker of this year’s convention:

For decades far-left groups have dominated the areas outside of conventions with protests and radicals starving attention. 

For the past couple of days we sent our most talented and articulate spokespeople into the streets to argue for capitalism and limited government!

We have received countless interviews and news articles about Turning Point USA!

One of our best leaders, Gunnar Thorderson, made some people at MSNBC very upset when our “Socialism Sucks” sign kept popping up on TV.

We are in the streets fighting for freedom and liberty every single day. Most groups wouldn’t dare roll up their sleeves and go into hostile territory and challenge the leftist status quo. 

Our student leaders fight the tough battles and win every single day.

Keep an eye on your TV for our leaders and activists as things really begin to heat up tonight. You can rest assured, that the Turning Point USA team will be there in full force.

Thank you so much for your continued support.


Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk
Founder & Executive Director
Turning Point USA

**The views reflected in the hyperlinked video are those of Charlie Kirk, personally, not reflecting of Turning Point USA. Turning Point USA is a nonprofit and therefore does not engage in political campaigns or elections. His remarks were expressed solely on a personal basis and those opinions are his own.**

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