Lies, Death, Sabotage, Bribes, Treason, Above the Law

The latest caught in a lie for Hilary Clinton is not even discussed by the so called experts on TV. The Democrat National Committee was biased against Sanders from the start. Hilary was to be the savior to come in and take the Democrat Party to victory. Most media seemed  to be in her corner ignoring Bengazzi, Clinton Foundation, her getting money from Corporations, people, and countries some of which are pro terrorist. No mention is ever given to her sorted past because that would send a bad image of her.

Now emails have been leaked that show the Democrat Primary was rigged in her favor. Instead of asking how the emails were hacked by Russia on the DNC site, yet Hilary’s multiple servers were never hacked. Maybe the over 30,000 emails she deleted were even more top secret that the ones found on her server. Remember she said there were no classified emails and she had 1 server. Evidence proved there were multiple servers and above top secret emails.

The media is now blaming Russia and Trump for the hacking. Those emails were not written by the Russians or Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just the best way the mess can be covered up. Blame others for Clinton and the DNC sabotage of the 2016 DNC primary process and Sanders Campaign.

Clinton should be in Prison!     Lies, Death, Sabotage, Bribes in the form of Donations for the Clinton Foundation, Treason for handling above top secret information are some good reasons.



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