ISRA Thursday Bulletin – July 28, 2016


The Republican Convention is over and the fact that Donald Trump is the nominee is old news.  More interesting is the media inducted uproar prior to the convention over Ohioan’s exercising their constitutional rights by carrying both concealed and open during the convention.  The media predicted everything from blood in the streets to the zombie apocalypse.  Nothing happened, probably because many people were carrying.  The media, what a bunch of cupcakes.
This is the 150th anniversary of Winchester. A few months back I mentioned this is also the 200th anniversary of Remington, so I need to give a salute to Winchester.  When we think of franchises, we think of McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and others.  In the 1920’s and 30’s, Winchester had over 6000 franchise stores in the United States.  Winchester made all kinds of things.  I have a pair of Winchester ice skates and a friend of mine has Winchester pliers.  There were many more things and some of the displays were custom made for a stores.  Some of it is quite valuable.
While at the Cody Museum, I watched a film of the famous Herb Parsons, one of Winchester “trick shooters”.  Herb was a great marksman.  He was the actual shooter in the famous “Winchester 73”, starring Jimmy Stewart.  Herb could actually do all those shots attributed to Stewart’s character.   Herb’s films are available on line.
The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is on.  Hillary’s running mate, Tim Kaine, is a gun control “darling” and will push their anti-gun agenda on the stump and, if elected, will lead the charge in the Senate.  In the “It’s not over until the fat lady sings” department, Russian Intelligence apparently hacked into the DNC computers and blew the whistle on the anti- Sanders subterfuge inside the DNC.  Maybe the FBI should call Vladimir Putin and see if he has Hillary’s missing 33,000 emails, just a thought.  I don’t know why everyone is so worried if all they contain are Hillary’s yoga schedule and Chelsea’s wedding plans.
We have been told that ISIS is on the run and that everything will be just fine if we Let Syrian refugees and other Islamic immigrants into the United States.  No one is pointing out that in the last 10 days, Germany suffered four terrorist attacks and France just had an 85-year-old priest’s throat cut.  Everything was perpetrated by Islamic immigrants or recent refugees.  Worldwide, as of July 25, there have been 1003 terrorist attacks, killing in excess of 3000 people.  I missed those figures on the nightly news.  Did you see them?
The European police departments are publicly admitting they are overwhelmed.  The same thing is going to happen here if we let it.  The situation is already bad and it will only get worse.  I suggest that you prepare yourself with more training.  If you live near the ISRA Range, look into the classes and leagues offered for your education and training. Take advantage of them as soon as possible.
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