Homer 33C Young School students celebrate summer reading

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Young School students celebrate their summer reading accomplishments with ice cream floats.

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Young School teachers Jane Schultz and Stephanie Wierenga take turns reading to students at a summer reading celebration Aug. 11 at the school.


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Aug. 12, 2016


Young School students celebrate summer reading

A youngster gets up close and personal with Tank the Tortoise.



Summer break has not diminished Young School’s passion for reading.


On Thursday (Aug. 11), students gathered to celebrate their love for reading with parents and teachers.


“We want to stress that literacy is valued and literacy is every day,” said Principal Mike Szopinski who challenged students to continue reading throughout the summer months.


They were reminded of the challenge Thursday night when the school hosted a Ravinia Reading night for Young School students and their families.


“We’re trying to create a passion for reading in students,” said teacher Terra Nichele who organized the event. “The more we read, the better we read.”


Students were treated to ice cream floats (served up by the school’s Parent Teacher Organization) as well as storybook read-alouds with their teachers.


The highlight was a special presentation by reptile expert Jim Nesci who brought along a few of his cold blooded friends, including Tank the Tortoise and Bubba the Alligator.


Bubba is the only North American Alligator to take commands from his trainer. His amazing personality and abilities inspired Nesci to write a children’s book about him called “Bubba: A True Story About an Amazing Alligator.”


Young School teachers witnessed Bubba’s amazing abilities firsthand when they were asked to help carry the 250 pound reptile into the school.


All Nesci had to do was ask the alligator to “Get in the bag.” He slowly nosed his way into the special bag and remained still as the group of teachers closed the bag with rope, lifted it from Nesci’s van and carried him into the school.


Not until Nesci opened the bag and freed Bubba did the alligator move.


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