Trump: “Without religious liberty, you don’t have liberty,”

‘You’ve Been Silenced,’ Trump Tells Pastors As He Vows To Get Christians’ Voice Back

“If I get elected …”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told Christian leaders Thursday that under his presidency, people who have been silenced will be given back their voice.

“Free speech is being taken away from people that are great people, from people that are saying good things, not bad things,” Trump told Jenna Browder of the Christian Broadcasting Network. To remedy that, Trump said he will work to overturn the Johnson Amendment, a federal law banning non-profits from being involved in political causes.

Trump said for the amendment to be abolished, he must be elected.


“Everyone has to get out and vote,” he told Browder, adding that in 2012, “Christians didn’t vote.”

Browder probed for the man behind the message.

“I’m less perfect than some people, but I have certain abilities that are good, like being able to do things,” he said.


Earlier Thursday, Trump spoke at a gathering of evangelical Christians in Orlando, where he decided to go off-script for the evening.

“So I had a long, beautiful speech written and I read it and I said ‘Boy this is boring, this is not what we want to talk about,” he told the pastors.

He began by noting their shared belief.

“Without religious liberty, you don’t have liberty,” he said.

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