Media /Big Government politicians/ Socialist all push Hillary

By Steve Balich 8/16/2016


Hillary Clinton wants to allow more immigrants/ refugees than Obama! These people are voting for Democrats so they can continue to get free everything at the expense of the American Taxpayer while at the same time getting the same above the law treatment as the Clinton’s.

Makes me sick to see what is happening to our Country. These people have large families and are out populating the country rapidly. They came from socialist or dictatorial countries so they really don’t understand Capitalism. The way of the Democrats is what they are used to and prefer. They want government to take care of their needs like where they came from. The problem is when our system gets to be the same as the one they escaped from. Where do we go to protect our way of life from Big Government?

Watch this and try to keep your blood pressure from rising

Chairman Chaffetz is mad as all of us should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hillary Clinton is above the Law!   Maybe someday the Clinton’s will be held accountable for what they do, but don’t hold your breath


How on earth can anyone not vote for Trump. Trump Policy’s are good for America not the established elite in the media and politics.

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