Homer 33C teachers, staff gather for inspirational Opening Day Institute

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Homer School District 33C Superintendent Kara Coglianese welcomes faculty and staff to the 2016-17 school year during an Opening Day Institute on Aug. 18 at Young School.



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August 19, 2016


Homer 33C teachers, staff gather for inspirational Opening Day Institute

The 2016-17 school year officially began Aug. 18 when Homer School District teachers and staff members gathered at Young School for an Opening Day Institute.

Rushton Hurley addresses faculty and staff, telling them: “May you inspire and be inspired each and every day.”


“This is a really exciting time of the year for us,” said Superintendent Kara Coglianese as she greeted staff members and welcomed them to the 2016-17 school year.


Rushton Hurley, an educator who founded a free resource site for teachers called Next Vista for Learning, addressed the group and reminded everyone that they all play an important role in a child’s development.


Children walk onto campus needing a caring, encouraging adult, he said. Every employee — whether they be a teacher, secretary or custodian — can be that caring adult.


The educator also encouraged teachers to set aside time for creative brainstorming and to share their ideas with others.


“Cool stuff happens on your campus every single day,” he said. “We have to be willing to talk about those things…. It reenergizes us.”


He used the example of a teacher who turned a routine writing exercise into something memorable and fun by having students turn their desks on their sides, get on the floor and pretend they were writing letters home from the trenches.


No one would have known about the assignment  or how it inspired students to write if Hurley had not happened across it and shared it with others.


“There’s a lot of good stuff out there,” he said. “Explore the cool; make it happen.”


Afterward, teachers and staff broke off into small groups and headed to a variety of breakout sessions led by Homer 33C employees. Topics ranged from workplace environment and teamwork to 21st century learning tools.

Homer School District 33C teachers and staff attended a variety of breakout sessions, including 21st century learning tools.


Presenters included: teachers Wendy Bruin, Joel Huffman, Jeff Jonaitis, Tasha Ohotzke, Shannon Schroeder, Alisha Neil and Christine Murphy; administrators Arlene Siefert, Kathleen Robinson, Dr. Gwent Grant, Craig Schoppe and Glen Wysong; special services team member Linda McGinnis; business office team member Deborah Brom; and technology team members James Carpenter and Pamela Waterman.



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