Why do you suppose the media pushed this false image?

Famous Pic of Refugees Exposed as Massive Fraud… Look What They Cut Out

One of the images that has become an icon of the pro-refugee movement from the predominantly Muslim countries has been proven to be cropped.

Oddly enough, the image, shown below, has been peen portrayed all over the media as indicative of the plight that these Middle Eastern refugees endure every day. That could absolutely be done without cropping a picture, and yet here the media took another opportunity to lie to the American people.

In the commonly published image, it appeared the refugees were helplessly floating in the water, fighting for their lives as best as they possibly can.

Below is the cropped image:

refugee picture fraud

They look pretty desperate, don’t they?

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There’s just one catch with that: They’re floating in about three feet of water.


The full image, provided by Bare Naked Islam, showed a group of young man standing about seven feet from the crisis.

Of course, it raises an important question: Why on earth would liberal media outlets take up the cause of this one picture, spread it everywhere, and hide the fact that it was cropped?

There are refugees in crisis. The majority of refugees are good people who just want a better, safer life.

Heck, there are refugees in crisis in deep water. And yet, the media went with the one picture that is a blatant lie.

Granted, it’s more than likely one outlet cropped it, then other outlets went with the picture — but that’s just bad journalism.

Could it be that they just don’t care what the truth is, as long as what they publish furthers their agenda?

H/T Mad World News


Why do you suppose the media pushed this false image?

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