Does Joliet City Worker have permission to attend Will County Board Meeting during work hours



Joe Van Duyne works for the City of Joliet. While on what a reasonable person would think is City of Joliet time, he parks his city truck at the County Bldg. 302 N. Chicago and attends the County Board meeting. The County Board 9/15/2016 is stamped on the bottom right of the picture. The  meeting starts at 9:30am and has not begun as indicated in the bottom picture. Joe is in the bright green shirt.


Joe is a candidate for County Board. His action of driving to the County Building with the City of Joliet truck, using City Fuel,  to attend a meeting as a citizen of the County while being paid by the City of Joliet is questionable.


Has the respect for the taxpayers of Joliet reached the levels of Chicago. Anything goes as long as no one knows.


Mayor O’dekirk is doing a great job! I am confident he will look into this and take the appropriate action if it is called for. In any event Joe’s driving the city truck to attend a Will County Board meeting is not using good judgement because of the perception it portrays;  and if there is no good reason, his actions show disregard for the taxpayers of Joliet and makes one wonder how he will use the position of Will County Board Member if elected.



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