Laurie Mc Phillips Will County Executive Candidate Supports the Safe Roads Amendment


According to reports, $6.8 billion—with a “b”—has been “swept” from Illinois transportation funds for other uses over the past 10 years and as much as $500,000 as recently as last year.  On November 8th you have the opportunity to stop this practice.  There is a proposed Constitutional Amendment on the ballot that would require the state and local governments to spend all funds raised for transportation projects ONLY on transportation projects.

We pay motor fuel taxes, fees for vehicle registrations and license plates and other transportation-related taxes and fees with the expectation that these monies will be spent to maintain, improve and build roads, highways, mass transit and other transportation systems in our communities.  Historically portions of monies raised from these revenue sources have been diverted to other “non-transportation” purposes.

While most of the state-level diversions of transportation funds have affected state monies, local motor fuel tax (MFT) formula funds were also diverted as recently as FY 2015. This proposed amendment would prohibit future diversions of local MFT formula funds for non-transportation purposes.

I fully support the Safe Roads Amendment to protect our transportation funds so we can utilize them for much-needed projects throughout our region, especially considering the truck traffic in Will County.  These funds are critical to keeping our roads and infrastructure safe, creating jobs and bringing businesses and opportunities to Illinois and Will County.

Please join me in voting “YES” for the Safe Roads Amendment and make government accountable.  For more information, please visit

Laurie McPhillips
Will County Executive Candidate

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