Globalists fear they’re losing control

Report: Globalists fear they’re losing control


Globe over financial data sheetsGlobalists fear that the British exit from the European Union and Donald Trump’s success in the U.S.’s 2016 election season are signs that people throughout the world are shunning their agenda in the greatest numbers in 70 years.

That’s according to a recent report out from Bloomberg Markets which chronicles growing fears that they’re losing control among globalization proponents.

“We’d like to see an end to the creeping protectionism in the world and more progress on moving ahead with free-trade agreements and other trade-creating measures,” Maurice Obstfeld, director of the IMF’s research department, told Bloomberg.

Unfortunately for European globalists, Brexit is likely just the beginning of a trend toward populist favor for more nationalistic policy proposals. Elections in Germany and France next year could bring about massive leadership changes, especially considering the turmoil the two countries are currently facing thanks to the current leadership’s immigration proposals.

Meanwhile, economic concerns in the U.S. are driving Trump’s success thanks to middle class concerns that Hillary Clinton’s lifelong ties to the dying globalist establishment would mean a doubling down of trade and other economic policies that would hurt American workers.

As Bloomberg pointed out: “[T]rade has become polling poison in the U.S. presidential campaign, with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton now criticizing a trade deal with Pacific nations, which isn’t yet ratified in the U.S., that she had praised when it was being negotiated. Republican challenger Trump has lashed out at Mexico and China, threatening to slap big tariffs on imports from both nations.”

Clinton’s dedication to one-world goals is no secret. When she was at the State Department, the former top diplomat lauded the opening of a new office of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations down the street.

“I won’t have to go far to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future,” Clinton said at the time.

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