Distractions, an art perfected by the Clinton’s, has trickled down to Will County candidates.

Dear Will County voters

We have all seen the presidential debate spectacle, I know you watched at least parts of it. I just want to focus your attention on the records of the candidates as I have never seen distractions like this in the past. I thought it was an art perfected by the Clinton’s, but it has trickled down to the County candidates.

At a recent candidate forum held at Grand Haven the incumbent Auditor Duffy Blackburn mentioned my use of a county car when I was the auditor. It so insignificant I would not waste your time but it worked. During these events I spent my time sharing all I had accomplished, my national recognition for all the waste and fraud I caught, all the millions of dollars I saved you by catching errors before the bills were paid, and had to cut some out due to lack of time in the program.

When you don’t find fraud or abuse and get no results you distract the voters. My slogan was and continues as your county treasurer, results not politics.

This should be our focus and we need to remember we are the boss and these people are being interviewed for this job. Stick to your pertinent questions and ignore the distractions.

It’s about jobs, safety, lower taxes, and the future for my children.

The car distractor by the way, was a rusty hand me down, 100,000 miles plus ford crown victoria that I drove to conduct audits (I actually found fraud). I got this former car after the Sheriff utilized it and it was deemed too old for pursuit use. The part he did not mention was that I reimbursed the county yearly approximately $1500 for my personal usage. I was the only county employee to pay for my personal use. Lead by example, as I wrote the policy for fringe benefit vehicle usage.

How to turn a positive into a negative. Please vote for Good in the Auditor race, Gary Good that is. Thank you for your time.

Steve Weber, CPA

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