Vote rigging is easy, says expert

Vote rigging is easy, says expert


voteHillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats are trying to discredit GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump by labeling his warning of voter fraud in the upcoming election an outlandish conspiracy theory. But according to one forensics expert, Trump is on to something.

According to Election Defense Alliance director Johnathon Simon, America’s electronic voting systems are not only vulnerable to hackers in this election but have also likely been hacked before.

“The grim truth that is so hard to tell and so hard to swallow is that America’s electoral system has been corrupted in the most direct and fundamental of ways: the computers that now count virtually all of our votes in secret can be—and, the evidence indicates, have been—programmed to cheat,” Simon told Washington Examiner.

In his new book, “CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century,” Simon explains that the biggest threat to the U.S. electoral integrity in 2016 is system rigging within the electronic voting framework.

And because of assertions from politicians like Clinton that Americans should never doubt the election system, Simon says stealing an election could be relatively easy for a well-connected individual.

“To override the will of the voters and change the outcome of elections. To steal and hold power that could not be gained and held legitimately. Ultimately to reshape America more effectively than could a junta rolling tanks down Pennsylvania Avenue. The junta would, by its very visibility, at least provoke resistance,” said Simon.

According to Simon’s book, the U.S. is ignoring lessons learned in other countries where electronic voting has been manipulated in the past.

“Several other advanced democracies—including Germany, The Netherlands, and Ireland—have moved away from the computerized tabulation they initially embraced, having recognized the manifest security risks it entails. But America has continued to entrust its elections to privatized and concealed vote counting despite mounting and voluminous evidence that the vulnerabilities to manipulation are not merely hypothetical but are actually being exploited, with profound political consequences,” he noted.

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