Letter to the editor: Why I’m voting for Change in Will County

Why I’m voting for Change in Will County


Politician abusing their Office.  The Current Lockport Township Supervisor, Ron Alberico contacted Officials in Will County to Complain about his Next Door Neighbor

having weeds in his backyard.


The Official most likely contacted was Larry Walsh, as Larry was a Will County board member with Herman Alberico, Ron’s father.  Larry Walsh is also the boss of Curt Paddock, the director of the Land Use Division.


I’m not going to address all of the all of the possible violation that were written up, they were only limited by the imagination of the minions. My yard tractor wasn’t properly painted, fire wood improperly stacked, garbage strewn across my yard, etc. I even had a bully from engineering  falsify a drainage chart


But their main issue was weeds in the back yard.

Our properties are 3.1 acres, and  half of the property is a conservation area by title restriction, created my the Illinois Department of Conservation.

Interesting point is that Will County Land Use ignores Title restrictions, I guess they feel their ordinances are more important.

The Land Use Ordinance they so proudly site applies to properties up to 2 acres, any properties larger are specified as exempted..


But that did not matter to Curt Paddock or Larry Walsh, they drew me into the Circuit court, and they dragged out the court case for over a year, the Asst. States Attorneys dropping one change each month, why, to cost me more in legal fees.  The problem is that I never got to plead my case before a Judge. 


For the next five years I have had a parade of Land Use minions come by when summoned by the Lockport Township supervisor Ron Alberico.


I finally had enough, and wrote the Chief Building Official Ray Semplinski, about  all of the building permit Alberico failed to obtain,  I believe there were at least 10,  the Roof, shed, windows, pool, decks, etc.  He even built a two story garage larger than what he had a permit for.  But the biggest item is the 600 square foot addition on his house for which he never got a permit, and hence never paid any real estate taxes on it for Twenty Years.



About this time Curt Paddock or Larry Walsh,  decided  I need to visit the new adjudication Court on the issue of weeds in my back yard. So back the  lawyer and more fees.

I am impressed by the Contracted Judges in this court, he read Land Uses’ case against me, and refused to hear it        I have been in law enforcement for along time and I have never heard of that happening.



Now lets go back to the 600 square foot addition to Alberico’s home.

The way the system is suppose to work,  you apply for a permit at the County Office, and that permit application is sent to the township assessor’s office t0o be noted on your property tax record..


Rather than going down to the Recorder of Deeds office , and look to when Alberico re-financed, and inspected the appraiser’s report, for the square footage. Curt Paddock white washed the violation by sending Elizabeth Reed, supervisor of the code enforcement. People,, to the township Assessors’ office to look at Alberico’s property tax record.  Nothing on there case closed.  Case closed.


What happened to Ray Semplinski, Chief Building Official, who’s people found all of the Alberico violation, he is no longer employed by the Land Use Division.   But Elizabeth Reed was promoted.




Grant Spooner

14200 High Road

Lockport, IL 60441



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