Clinton campaign embraces outright insanity to draw attention from emails

Clinton campaign embraces outright insanity to draw attention from emails


Longtime Clinton attack dog James Carville suggests the FBI is working in concert with “the KGB and the House Republicans” to undermine American democracy.

Joining MSNBC for a Hilary Clinton apologist-fest Monday, Carville barked that FBI Director James Comey is “acting in concert and coordination with House Republicans. End of story.”

“Why are you defending this?” he said. “Why are sitting here when our democracy is under assault? When they FBI is acting at the behest of Jason Chaffetz? And sitting here acting like this is something legit? It’s not. It’s an effort to affect this election, and Democrats and people across this country have to know this.”

Carville went on to say KGB several more times.

He, of course, refused to acknowledge that Clinton’s emails reveal that she’s a liar.

Because… KGB.

“I can’t think about the election right now, what I can think about, what I can talk about, is how unprecedented this is. And how the House Republicans and the KGB are trying the affect our democracy,” Carville said. “And I think that’s a very important issue. I think it’s probably the most important issue anybody’s aced in a presidential campaign in a long, long time.”

Wow, how things change. As MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” just pointed out:

Meanwhile, Clinton’s showing her own desperation on the campaign trail by suggesting that Republican Donald Trump wants to bring back slavery… or something.

“Abraham Lincoln understood a house divided against itself cannot stand, and that was over the greatest of challenges – the challenge posed by slavery – and we fought a civil war,” she said during an Ohio campaign stop.

Clinton continued, trying to explain that Trump would create a civil war and that she’d bring the nation together.

“Instead of dark and divisive, it’s hopeful and inclusive. It’s big-hearted, not small-minded. It is about lifting people up, not putting them down,” she said. “It’s a vision that says, and I believe this with all my heart, we are stronger together.”

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