Dan Proft & Lt. Col. Allen West Discuss Future POTUS

On a special, pre-election edition of “Against The Current”, Dan Proft sat down with Lt. Col. Allen West to discuss the state of our country, and what’s at stake for the future POTUS.

On this edition of Against The Current (ATC), former Florida congressman and current President/CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis, Col. Allen West tackles everything from Obamacare to ISIS. Col. West also talks POTUS election and predicts a change in GOP leadership in the House and Senate regardless of outcome.

Are there enough conservative back-benchers in the House and Senate to drive a reduction in the size and expense of the federal government under a President Trump? Why does Col. West loathe the use of the phrase “minority outreach”?

These and other topics with Col. Allen West on this pre-election installment of ATC.

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Why you should GOTVFT (Get Out The Vote For Trump).

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