This semester has been one for the history books/Not all young people are the same

This semester has been one for the history books.

This semester Turning Point USA recruited tens of thousands of new activists across the country, started over 100 chapters in key states, trained thousands of activists on grassroots activism techniques, and reached over 100 million people digitally!

Without a doubt, Turning Point USA made a tremendous difference this fall moving the dial towards freedom and liberty.

Our troops stormed their campuses working relentlessly to convert new minds, challenge the administration, register their fellow peers to vote, and push back against the left on campus!

But this wasn’t something that started a few months ago. This was a machine that was built, grown, and strengthened years in advance.

For a couple years now, we have invested our resources and built an unparalleled pro-freedom machine on campuses across the country.Your belief in our work allowed us to grow our presence to over 1,100 campuses across the country.

All of our success is thanks to the years of planning and strategy put forth by our donors, advisors, and leadership team.

We firmly believe it is time to play offense! We must continue to push the boundaries into the most comfortable liberals enclaves in America.

Please consider a tax-deductible gift to Turning Point USA today. With your support we can grow our reach to new heights!

You helped build this machine. Your support was instrumental, and we’re just getting started!


Charlie Kirk
Founder & Executive Director
Turning Point USA

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