Goodings Grove Pumpkin Penny Wars raises $1,795 for Lockport FISH Food Pantry

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Nov. 17, 2016


Goodings Grove Pumpkin Penny Wars raises $1,795 for Lockport FISH Food Pantry

Goodings Grove students proudly donated $1,795 to the Lockport FISH Food Pantry this month, turning over earnings from the school’s Pumpkin Penny Wars.

“We are thrilled Mrs. Christie (the building principal) brought Pumpkin Penny Wars to Goodings Grove,” said teacher Stephanie Piper. “Students and staff enjoy the friendly competition for such a wonderful cause.”


Students, teachers and staff collected the money in late October during the friendly battle between each grade level and department, including the main office.


Teachers and staff decorated the pumpkins and invited students to “vote” for their favorite one by dropping pennies into the corresponding basket.


The pumpkin that collected the most pennies was deemed the winner and earned that grade level the honor of leading the school’s annual Halloween parade.


Just to make the competition a little more interesting — and to raise a little more cash for the food pantry — voters were told they could sabotage an opponent by placing silver coins or paper currency in its basket. The coins and paper currency counted against the pennies, putting some pumpkins in the negative.


In the end, a Star Wars-themed pumpkin, decorated by the P.E. teachers, music teacher and counselors, earned the most pennies.


It was on display as Jim Naylor, president of the Lockport FISH Food Pantry, stopped by the school Nov. 16 to collect the earnings.


“Thank you,” he told students. “This is a special thing you guys did. You are helping out a lot of people.”


He went on to explain the Lockport FISH Food Pantry is operated by volunteers and assists between 200 and 300 families each month.


“We go out and buy food for people who don’t have enough,” he told students, including fresh fruits, breads and meat.


The pantry is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. For more information, visit



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