How do we rediscover freedom and truth?

Senior man wearing spectacles reading book in living room, close-upBack in May, I warned my Bob Livingston Alerts readers about the real purpose of any election, and my warnings are coming to fruition.

Agents of the shadow government — the deep state — are using every vile meme they can think of to describe Donald Trump, and are fomenting protest and argument so that we keep fighting each other, and they can keep their power and wealth.

Understanding these agents and their aims is vital to your survival, not just as an American but as an independent human being. That’s why I want to make sure you see the warning I sent, which applies even more so these few months later:

The state always considers that a self-sufficient and independent thinker is a threat to collectivism and its deception of the masses.

The welfare state must absolutely keep the people from the individualistic tendency of thinking for themselves. Government parasites extract their wealth, power and pomp from mass deception based upon altruistic sacrifices of the workers and producers of wealth.

Their greatest fear is that this will be revealed. To keep it quiet, the government uses memetics.

You have heard the word “meme”? Injecting this word into the public consciousness so that any meme is remembered as simply a “silly internet joke” is part of your programming.

In reality a meme is an information pattern, held in an individual’s memory, which is capable of being copied to another individual’s memory. So memetics is neurolinguistic programming. You could also call it what I’ve called it for years — propaganda by code words.

You are programmed to respond in a particular way to certain words and phrases created by the elites.

It is important you recognize these words (and learn to recognize the truth) because once you become aware of the phrases and how they work, you will be able to shrug off the chains of modern slavery and there will be hope for you.

The overarching code word: Democracy

Most of you are already informed enough to know that the American nation was founded as a republic, not a democracy.

A republic is a limited, representative, participatory government. A republic is the almost natural result of public order built upon the individual, the family, the church, and business and many, many private associations and relations.

Democracy is not necessarily a representative government, but it is an illusory participatory government. People tend to think that democracy is evolved or modern republicanism.

Democracy is truly a veil for a wicked government that places all matters, including personal and private ones, into the public view, for public legislation.

In a democracy, the vote becomes the single, all-important symbol of citizen participation in government. Witness the movement to turn to another code word: the “popular vote.”

The brilliant Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville described in his “Democracy in America” the danger facing all Americans should they become deceived into believing that their mere, sole vote constituted all the duties of a good citizen.

He warned that when this development came about, we should become slaves to the real, elitist and plutocratic powers operating behind the veil of democracy. The problem was obvious more than 150 years ago, when de Tocqueville wrote his book.

Democracy flourishes where the hard-working, creative middle class perishes, or is not allowed to develop.

Now you know why the middle class is “disappearing.” It is in reality being destroyed in order to render the individual vote today meaningless.

So few people vote today that the illusion is breaking down. Some folks say I am a pessimist, but here you see that I am really an optimist. The middle class is opting out of the illusory democratic system.

But as a result, they are being herded into supporting a different collectivist system, the paper money system, which is less and less reliant on the dollar and more and more reliant on the stock market.

Think back… did the average middle class individual have a brokerage account 30 or 40 years ago?

But you can’t be entrusted to invest on your own, else the wealth-stealers will lose the ability to continue their thievery. So today, when you do invest, the financial media espouses a set of code words designed to keep you in the dark.

Financial code words are especially used to make you think you are free and have a choice. But they are part of selling you on “democracy.” Yet it is merely the mask of tyranny that pretends to promote public debate but always on spurious issues. He who speaks about the real issues is blacked out.

The people, through public schools and mass media indoctrination, eventually adopt government morality and habits. Every stage of growth of government carries at the same time a corresponding dependency of the people.

The growing dependency of the people upon government is a gradual, imperceptible and silent revolution.

I cringe when I hear the mention of “constitutional rights.” There is no such thing in the United States! As one example, we wouldn’t be forced to sign annual confessions on IRS tax form 1040 each year if there were any such thing as “constitutional rights.”

My friends, we are not under constitutional law. We are under merchant law. The U.S. Constitution is now merely historical memorabilia of human freedom that now passed away in favor of the money creators.

This means all so-called justice is under the jurisdiction of the “king’s court,” same as in colonial days. You didn’t know that? We are aliens in our own country and our continued beliefs in legal fictions and historical myths is demeaning to our mental capacity and militates far more to slavery than human liberty.

Prescription for individual freedom

Most people never break free of popular delusions because they will not read. 99.9 percent of people will not read, so you are already far above the average!

It’s as if they have some kind of phobia of reading. They wouldn’t buy a book or walk across the street if offered free. The frivolity of life is what consumes them. Yet if you do not read you will never break free and become truly wealthy and free.

You may become like those “educated” people whose thinking has been sealed within the parameters of education. They wouldn’t dare read anything not in harmony with what they already believe.

These are high IQ people. They think what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing.

You could become one of those people whose mind is crowded out. They have an information overload. They can’t see the woods for the trees. These people do read but they have trouble evaluating what to read. So they tend to look past high value and creative ideas that could give them great satisfaction as well as the good life.

All of the above are locked into the “public mind” — collectivism.
Reading and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history.

I read five to eight books a month on health and finance and many, many publications. I don’t watch TV or go to the movies much, and I only look at the mainstream media to discover what is the propaganda of the day.

I research deeply through publications and information available on the Web. I spend thousands of dollars each year for publications that contain millions of dollars’ worth of information. I feel a conviction to decipher it and bring to you in these Bob Livingston Alerts [Editor’s Note: You can sign up to receive them FREE right here].

I want to help you stay three steps ahead of the propagandists and those trying to confiscate your wealth and take your freedom.

People who won’t read are no better off than those who can’t read. I can’t imagine such a collectivist fate.

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