Like the Britts U. S. Citizens say no to global society

Editors Note: Globalism is good if you want a socialist world of sharing wealth. Capitalism promotes competition and promotes the concept of hard work giving rewards. Socialism distributes the rewards of hard work to others who don’t want to work hard. Like a professor who takes an average of all grades on a test and gives everyone the same average grade. Soon students don’t want to study because they see little or no value in their efforts.

In Socialism the exception is the ruling class or government that now gets the best while everyone else suffers. During the cold War in the 50’s and 60’s The leaders of the USSR had everything they needed while the average person went without.

President Obama Discusses Globalist Earthquake and Plans for Future Political Tectonic Shifts…

President Obama held a press conference today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and fielded questions about the 2016 presidential election.  Within the optics and the presented narrative it is possible to find evidence of the globalist’s perspective on the loss, and more importantly their intents moving forward.  Very Rivkin-esque.

Within the EU Merkel is the defacto representative of the continent’s globalist vision; as such when President Obama and Merkel appear together you will always find the epicenter of globalist advocacy – the direct opposition of nationalism.


For the optics note Obama’s grey hair exhibition.  One of the indicators of his preferred approach is how he chooses to present his personal image to the EU audience. When done by design, Obama always draws attention to it – today is no different.

There are many responses within the overall Merkel/Obama event which should be keenly understood by all Americans.  However, this response within this specific video (soundbite below) is a good summation:

Notice how President Obama responds by pointing toward “social media”.

The globalist movement, through Obama himself, exploited social media to carry out their prior globalist ideological endeavors.  This was not only evidenced within Obama’s ’08 election, but also with the rise of his “Arab Spring”; which was kicked off post-Cairo speech, when FaceBook was enlisted to advance the Brotherhood cause.

It is remarkable to see President Obama now pointing a finger toward social media as a risk toward the globalist endeavors.   This will be missed by most, but explains why you are seeing a filtering shift amid those who control the architecture of the various social media platforms. The specific phrase: …“but, we’ll figure it out”… should ring your alarm bells.

Also within this admission is where you find the first specific evidence of why they need to eliminate Steve Bannon, who has effectively outwitted the globalist team on their own social media platforms.

Notice how President Obama also emphasizes what makes him most optimistic moving forward is: …”the attitudes of young people etc“…  Which is specifically directing attention to the globalist plans within all educational systems to promote globalist world-views and advance multiculturalism.   This is the key underpinning behind the U.S. State Department’s “Rivkin Project” to eliminate nationalism.

merkel zuckerberg

Some other breakouts.

President Obama asked about the protests to U.S. election, and the “crude rise of nationalism”:

President Obama Asked about Russia (takes him to 03:25 to get to it):

This is where you recognize the fundamental earthquake that has taken shape with the 2016 election of Donald Trump.  The political tectonic plates have shifted:


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