Newsweek political editor admits magazine publishes fake news its staff never reads

Newsweek political editor admits magazine publishes fake news its staff never reads


madame-presidentAs the election seemed secured for Hillary Clinton (at least to the mainstream), Newsweek prematurely let out 125,000 copies of its commemorative issue celebrating Clinton’s election. The issue titled “Madam President” was chock full of editorial laced with Democrat National Committee and Clinton campaign talking points.

As The Daily Caller explains:

The introduction to Newsweek’s ill-fated “Madame President” edition is, well, really bad.

The unattributed blurb, perhaps written by the magazine’s editors, is rife with cliches and Democratic talking points that totally overwhelm what would have been a predictable reality had Hillary Clinton actually won the White House. Newsweek printed and delivered 125,000 copies of the special commemorative edition in anticipation of what they thought would be her win, and Clinton herself even began autographing copies.

The gaff cost the magazine thousands of dollars and what little gravitas it had left.

This week the magazine’s political editor, Matt Cooper, appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain the snafu.

Cooper admitted that not only was the magazine not written by Newsweek staff, it wasn’t even reviewed by Newsweek staff before it was printed and released.

“We subcontract these commemorative issues to a company and this is pretty common in the magazine business now. The company that it this for us does stuff for Reader’s Digest and Scientific American… So it’s sort of been done a separate track and it was not reviewed by us,” Cooper said.

Cooper said the subcontractor produces content for a number of other publications and corporations.

Watch the interview.


Surviving copies of the mag are now fetching as much as $10,000 online, according to The Hill.

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