The teeth of the beast

Armed agents raid Rawsome Foods, a market in Venice, Calif.I began publishing my monthly newsletter The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) in 1969. The following appeared in the December 1997 issue. Way back then I was alerting readers to growing militarization of federal agencies. This activity expanded rapidly under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. As I reported to you readers of Personal Liberty, now even NOAA and the Federal Reserve have armed troopers. The EPA and FDA have both deployed their own SWAT teams to shut down activities as benign as collecting rainwater and selling raw milk. Even the Department of Education and National Institutes of Health have SWAT teams.  In 1996 there were 60,000 armed federal agents. Today there are more than 200,000. Is this not evidence the U.S. is a police state at war with its own people?


The U.S. Government has been quietly deploying unregulated agency armies against its own citizens. It is part of the ongoing invasion of our nation from within, by mass deceit and mass, uninformed consent. According to Joseph Farah of the Western Journalism Center:

In 1996 alone, at least 2,349 new federal cops were authorized to carry firearms… As a result of that record one-year surge, there are nearly 60,000 armed federal agents representing departments as diverse as the FBI, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Postal Service.

Among the others packing heat against you and me are the agents of the seemingly innocuous U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Army Corps of Engineers. In fact, there is no such thing as a harmless federal agent nor agency. Just ask the surviving members of the Randy Weaver family.

Farah adds that the reason these feds are armed is that they are “in the business of seizing people’s personal property” on any pretense. It is not exactly benign behavior for a group supposedly sworn to preserve the blessings of liberty and our posterity. In this way, the federal armies among us are unregulated, doing what is unlawful under the color of law by the authority of bureaucratic agency rules. They are eating out our substance, precisely what the colonists complained of in their Declaration of Independence submitted to King George III.

Other agencies, if not actually using their guns, use the implied power of the gun to turn entire institutions and states to the federal or globalist will. These include the IRS and the Department of Justice. How bad is it? Benjamin Stein is the actor who does the “Clear Eyes” commercial on TV. He says:

Why was life so bad in Russia? I guess because people were not free. Life was fixed by quotas and government orders. You were who the government said you were, not who you could be… I wonder if some smart fellow… has ever studied the similarities between the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division recently and… the KGB. A very different approach to conflict resolution, to be sure, but certain similarities in the world view.

To be sure, there is indeed a similarity in world view because it is the religio-political world view of global collectivism. Yet there is more. The “conflicts” supposedly resolved by the federal government are not genuine but are set-ups in order to consolidate federal and globalist power over  individuals.

The State grand jury in Oklahoma City is now considering evidence in this regard. According to the testimony of former Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) informant Carol Howe of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the government was aware of the pending attack on the Murrah Federal Building. Additional evidence points to deeper federal awareness and possibly even involvement in the bombing of its own.

Such a scenario is reminiscent of the maneuverings of Josef Stalin. He consolidated Soviet, communist, and personal tyranny by manufacturing conflicts and then brutally resolving them. There is a “velvet glove” covering similar abuses by the globalists, their U.N., and the U.S. government. After all, the feds are not communist, in name at least, but democrats. They are nevertheless revealed to be tyrants because of their official policy of bearing arms in every imaginable capacity against people who are ostensibly, again in name only, their fellow citizens.

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