Homer 33C Makerspace inspires creativity at Young School

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Dec. 9, 2016


Makerspace inspires creativity at Young School

Students problem-solve, test ideas after checking out library books


Young School students are spending more time in the school library these days, creating, inventing and learning with their classmates.

Young School students work at putting a puzzle together without talking to one another or seeing a picture of what it should look like.


The school’s library media professional, Debra Primozic, created a makerspace (a DIY workspace) among the bookstacks, enabling students to work together on a joint project after checking out books.


This month, they are working on a basic napkin folding project (just in time for the holidays) and puzzles.


How do napkins and puzzles relate to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM)?


“Napkin folding/origami engages students and enhances their skills, including spatial perception and logical and sequential thinking,” said Primozic. “Origami is being used to solve problems in technology. Artists have teamed up with engineers to find the right folds for an airbag to be stored in a small space.

Young School students used logical thinking and sequential thinking to fold napkins together at a makerspace in the school library.


“Other ideas range from forceps to foldable plastic solar panels,” she continued. “Puzzles can be a team challenge. Students will have to put together a puzzle without talking to one another and without seeing the picture on the box. This activity also enhances spatial perception and logical and sequential thinking.”


Young School teachers and staff routinely challenge students to be self-motivated, independent learners who are effective communicators and critical thinkers.


Their mission statement is: Launching Lifelong Learners. Their school motto is: There is no Young without You!



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