Psychological warfare: How words shape our thoughts and actions

propaganda concept“But it is requisite that members of the common herd be imprisoned in abject ignorance, never doubting that they are ‘free and self-sovereign individuals’ who are in full control of their lives and families, and who can speak freely on any subject they choose, and worship whatever God their consciences dictate.” – Unknown


Of the many definitions of “word” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, one of them is “a verbal signal.” It is a great fallacy in our thinking when we assume that words are words whoever speaks them. This is the basis of gross deceptions.

A lot of my writing efforts are devoted to helping people break out above mental barriers (establishment words that I also call code words). If we are to overcome the totalitarianism which every day increases its grip over the workaday crowd, we must break the code words and phrases that inhibit the thought patterns of the crowd. We must all achieve a totally different (true) perception of reality.

Words are far more than verbal signals. Words trigger biochemical responses which authority uses for behavior modification. This is a principal weapon that authority uses against its own people, and has been for thousands of years.

Verbal signals (words) are electrical stimuli carried through sound invading the body and the biochemical response mechanism. This is invasion as surely as bacteriological warfare except that there is no defense or screening process against this type of invisible and esoteric aggression by government against the people.

The public mind has no way to object to the bombardment of organized thought patterns that set up modified behavior and predictable responses. The dominant thoughts of the public mind are nothing more than a program created by authority. This is psychological warfare that produces conformity of the human psyche.

Therefore, the purpose of the public and secondary education system and the mainstream media propaganda machine is not to produce inquiry but conformity. All invasion of the human mind by verbal signals is calculated to produce conformity.

There is such an avalanche of information bombarding the American people that it all has a mind-numbing effect. That, too, is by design. For the aim of the unseen powers is for the masses of people to believe essentially the same things.

For instance, most believe that they live in a free country (a “democracy”). Most believe that they have a political choice. Most believe they should pay their “fair share” of taxes. Most take at face value everything or most everything that the government and its politicians tell them.

That’s because years of pro-government indoctrination and propaganda have caused Americans to lose their mental capacity to evaluate reality.  Every bit of information we get from the very beginning of our existence “sells” us on authority. This goes on beyond “public education” and throughout life. The only acceptable social and moral thing to do is to accept authority, conform to authority and above all, never question authority, let alone its morality and its modus operandi.

The more generations that pass without open conflict with authority, the more the public mind conforms and the more the people and the government become one. Any “deviant” who questions authority is sure to encounter a hostile response from his friends and neighbors. He has defiled the Holy place.

Did you know that you may not meet more than a handful of people in your lifetime who are alert to the false belief system of the millions out there? And while the Donald Trump campaign has stirred an awakening among the people, that awakening is far from complete, as evidenced by the hostile reaction that comes from Trumpsters whenever the slightest criticism of Trump is uttered or written.

But even after people begin to see through the maze of propaganda it sometimes takes years for it all to come into full focus so that complete understanding can be achieved. Then you discover how different you are from your neighbor and old acquaintances.

The discovery of this difference makes most people become uneasy about their convictions because of the loneliness that they experience and their inability to share common sense reality with friends who will respond to the new information presented to them by shutting off communication or writing it off as “conspiracy theory.” (The term “conspiracy theory” is an old code word created by the CIA to stifle inquiry into the assassination of John F. Kennedy.)

I have written about code words and their use by the unseen powers many times and listed some of them for Personal Liberty® readers in “Code words,” and “More code words.” There are some new ones now entering the lexicon, and some old ones are taking on new meaning and I want to tell you about them.

Fake news – When employed by establishment politicians, social media bigwigs or the mainstream media, it means any news not coming from establishment politicians or the mainstream media, the real purveyors of fake news and government propaganda. It implies that they are the only sources of “truth” or “real news.” All other “news,” particularly that which doesn’t comport with established orthodoxy, is therefore fake. Fake news has replaced conspiracy theory now that people are learning that most of the “conspiracy theories” they have heard about have turned out to be real conspiracies.

Loophole – Any as-yet unregulated activity. Politicians use this term to great effect to create a negative connotation of unregulated activity, as in “gun show loophole,” or “tax loophole.” The existence of such “loopholes” is fiction but most often leads to greater government regulation.

White nationalism/white supremacy – A racist term used by the leftwing to delegitimize populism and the move to oust establishment politicians and halt globalism. The terms white nationalism/white supremacy were originally used to shut down, silence or intimidate anyone who opposed Zionism (the belief that the establishment of national Israel in modern history is the continuing fulfillment of prophecy). Now it is employed against anyone who supports strong borders, enforcement of immigration laws, rejects globalism and crony trade deals. (There is no connection between Zionism and Judaism, so anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, which is another code word.)

Uneducated white voters – A bigoted term used by pollsters and the political class designed to stereotype white working class Middle and Southern American (aka flyover country) people as ignorant boobs whose views of strong family, belief in God, strong work ethic, independence from government and love of country are outside the mainstream and therefore their opinions and/or “vote” are less valuable than college-educated people’s.

Racist – For the last eight years it has been used to attempt to stifle any criticism of President Barack Obama’s policies and agenda. Now more and more it’s being employed in conjunction with the terms white nationalism/white supremacy (see above).

White privilege – The false notion that one’s race automatically grants upon him at birth special privileges, entitlements or rights not possessed by others. It is  used as an attempt to make whites (white males especially) feel guilty about any success they have achieved and coerce them into a phony altruism so they will voluntarily surrender their positions in society and business and transfer their power, status and wealth to minorities and those deemed “less fortunate,” which is another code word.

Safe space – A place in which only thoughts or ideas that have been filtered through political correctness and conventional wisdom are allowed. No truths or facts are found in so-called safe spaces.

Propaganda in our time is super powerful. No matter the formal education or lack thereof, most Americans are just downright ignorant about the reality of their personal relationship to government.

The government is at total war against the American people in a thousand ways, and not one in a million even suspects it.

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