Homer 33C approves three-year contract with teachers

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For Immediate Release:

Dec. 21, 2016


Homer 33C Board of Education approves three-year contract with teachers


To share rising healthcare costs


The Homer Community Consolidated School District 33C School District Board of Education approved a three-year contract Tuesday (Dec. 20) with its teachers union.


The contract includes a 2.2 percent increase in salary each year.


To offset rising healthcare costs, the board and teachers union have agreed to share the burden by implementing a tiered insurance plan (with new employees and employees with spousal and family coverage picking up a greater share of the cost) and introducing more affordable PPO and HSA plans.


“We value the compassion, expertise and dedication that our teachers and staff bring to Homer 33C and wish to retain that skill set while remaining fiscally responsible to our taxpayers,” said Board President Barb Wilson.


“This contract achieves both,” she added, “honoring our teachers for their hard work and outstanding service while sustaining the district’s fiscal plans and future.”


“Both sides worked together tirelessly to come to a fair and reasonable agreement,” agreed members of the Homer Council negotiating team. “The successful outcome within the collective bargaining process means our teachers may continue to provide the children of Homer 33C the best educational experience possible.”


The teachers ratified the contract on Dec. 14.


“A lot of long hours went into negotiating this contract and I appreciate the professionalism both side demonstrated throughout the entire process,” said Superintendent Kara Coglianese. “Together, we came up with a fair contract that is respectful of our staff and the community we serve.”



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