Homer 33C students experiment with 3Doodler pens

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Jan. 11, 2017

A Hadley Middle School sixth-grader uses a 3Doodler pen to draw a three-dimensional dog during a Computer Club meeting on Jan. 10.


Drawing in 3D

Homer 33C students experiment with 3Doodler pens


Imagine being able to draw a three-dimensional replica of the Eiffel Tower or a customized case for your cell phone.


That’s what Homer 33C students will be doing as they experiment with 3D pens in the STEAM labs at Homer Junior High School and Hadley Middle School.

Hadley Middle School students learn how to use a 3Doodler pen by creating a three-dimensional cube.

A Hadley Middle School student shows what he was able to make with a 3Doodler pen.


Technology teacher Andrew Dole purchased six 3Doodler pens through DonorsChoose, a nonprofit website that helps public school teachers secure funding for learning materials and experiences.


“3D printing is one of the most popular and newest tech tools out there,” said Dole, “and we want to learn how to manipulate it.”


3D pens are electric pens that write with heated plastic instead of ink or pencil. Users are able to draw three-dimensional shapes that dry and harden within in a matter of seconds.


“The ability to build something from nothing is an amazing learning experience that all students need to experience,” said Dole, who envisions students working together in the district’s STEAM labs to create unique, one-of-a kind masterpieces.


The pens arrived during winter break and students in Dole’s 6th grade Computer Club were among the first to try them out.


“You have to have a steady hand,” said one student as he attempted to draw a three-dimensional cube with the pen.


“It’s tricky to get a feel for when to stop it in the air,” said another.


The pens are the latest addition to the district’s STEAM labs — interactive learning centers that inspire integrative learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.


Once students have had an opportunity to use the lab’s 3D pens and 3D printers, Dole plans to have them compare and contrast the advantages of each one.


“These 3D pens will allow students to experience the freedom that others feel when they are allowed to be creative without boundaries,” he said.


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