Project Veritas Action uncovers plot to disrupt Trump inauguration

This type of action is terrorism! These people need to be arrested ASAP. The Eliteist, Globalist, Democrats and Republicans need to understand the people are fed up with the happenings of the last 8 years with King Obama. The people are fed up with Establishment Republicans that gave Obama everything he wanted. The people are done with any elected official that defends Obamacare. The people that are not part of the global establishment want to bring America back to being great again. We are against illegal immigration and especially giving illegals benefits of American citizens at the expense of the American citizen. We are tired of illegals taking our jobs, going on welfare and getting better Medical than most citizens can afford. Vetting people coming into our Country is logical. That means everyone since radical Muslim extremist come in every nationality. We need to protect our borders. We need to obey the 10th Amendment  and give the States far more control of there future. Let the States answer to their citizens. The constitution does not say to establish FDA, EPA and other department which make laws with no elected person involved and no way to stop them. We are very tired of the Federal Government imposing law by these Departments. Leave what is not expressly written in the Constitution to the States including Health Care.



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