Trump to stand up for all Americans – including the unborn

Editors note: I see no reason to pay for funding anything outside the United States unless it is of a most important issue affecting our people in a bad way. We borrow money and pay interest driving up our national debt only to give people outside out country the dollars we borrow. You would not borrow $10 from your neighbor promising to pay back $11, then give the $10 to your other neighbor. It is even worse when we are funding abortions in foreign countries while our citizens have a hard time making ends meet each month. Trump is a pro-Life President that wants to stand against spending taxpayers money over seas. Abotion is not expressly written in the Constitution so it belongs to each State to make its own law Per the 10th Amendment. 

I am pleased Trump is stopping spending our tax dollars outside the U.S.


Independent Journal 1/23/2017


Activists have condemned as an “assault on women’s health”, a decision by Donald Trump to block US funding for health clinics around the world that provide abortion services.

One of the three executive orders Mr Trump signed on his first Monday morning as president, was to reinstate the so-called Mexico City Policy, a rule originally introduced by Ronald Reagan.

The rule, which was revoked by Barack Obama, forces NGOs to agree to “neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations” as a prerequisite for federal funds. It does not matter if non-US funds are being used for the abortions.

Trump’s 3rd executive order today is assault on women’s health. “Mexico City policy” strips US support from health clinics around the globe

Activists say the rule threatens to undermine the viability of countless groups that provide healthcare, including contraception and abortion services, to millions of women in the developing world. Campaigners had said ahead of Mr Trump’s inauguration, they feared he would reintroduce the policy as a gift to Vice President Mike Pence, known for his staunch opposition to abortion rights.

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The rule, first introduced in 1984, was named for the location of the UN conference on population where it was announced.

Groups that support abortion rights have long opposed the policy and urged politicians not to back. Republican and Democratic presidents have taken turns to impose and rescind the rule.

Bill Clinton revoked it in January 1993 upon taking office, and George W Bush reinstated it when he assuaged the presidency eight years later. Barack Obama most recently rescinded it again in 2009.

Mr Clinton and Mr Bush signed their orders on 22 January, the anniversary of the 1973 landmark Roe v Wade decision.

Mr Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, told reporters: “The president has made clear he is a pro-life president. He wants to stand up for all Americans – including the unborn.”


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