School Choice is very important in reviving our cities

Editors note: School choice is the most important step in increasing the quality of education we as a society provide. I the tax dollars spent per student followed the student to whichever school they get accepted to, students will not go to schools that are seen as lacking. This will force schools to improve since they will all be in competition for students. Children will no longer be forced into their neighborhood school. Competition will force improvement. Chicago  carnage must be cleaned up, but how is the 6 million dollar question. One thing I am sure of is education is a big part of the solution. Education will enable children to grow and eventually get jobs.


National School Choice Week
This week is National School Choice Week, which includes the largest series of education-related events in US history. Our reporters were on the ground to bring you the latest stories from the front lines of the growing movement for better education options for all students.


Students and parents rallied for school choice this week in Austin, and they have a good reason to: Texas istrailing 28 states that have embraced choice programs. Kenric Ward reports on the legislative efforts to expand opportunity in the Lone Star State to meet the growing demand.


While progress has been made in Mississippi, still only a small percentage of students can participate in the state’s school choice programs, trapping far too many students in failing schools. Steve Wilson breaks down what took place at this week’s rally in the Capitol rotunda. Vermont Board of Education has waged an all-out assault on school choice, but that has only emboldened choice supporters, including a group of high school students who joined this week’s rally at the Capitol. Emma Lamberton has the latest on bills to rein in Vermont’s educrats.

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