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Feb. 6, 2017


Strike up the band

Homer Junior High School introduces new elective


A new band elective at Homer Junior High School means students who missed out on the opportunity to learn an instrument in fifth grade or a current band student who wants to learn a second instrument may do so now.


The school is introducing an elective, giving seventh- and eighth-grade students an opportunity to learn an instrument — even if they have no musical experience.


“Our goal is to prepare junior high beginning students so that they’ll be able to join the Concert or Symphonic Band the subsequent year or, if they’re in eighth grade, the high school band when they become freshmen,” said band director Jason Skube.


As it stands now, students can only sign up for a Homer Junior High School band if they have been playing an instrument since fifth grade or have taken private music lessons that would have prepared them for the junior high band curriculum.


Students who delayed their music education or dropped out their first year because they disliked the instrument they chose in 5th grade band, are typically not allotted the opportunity to play in junior high and high school.


But starting next school year, Homer Junior High School students will have an opportunity to start from scratch.


“Our job will be to teach the 5th and 6th grade curriculum in one year,” said band director Jason Thompson.  “It’s going to be a challenge.”


Students will meet every other day with Skube and Thompson, learning how to play the brass, woodwind or percussion instrument of their choice.


If they don’t have an instrument, students can rent one from a music company. In some cases, the Homer Band may be able to provide one.


Fees usually range from $39 to $63 a month — depending on the instrument and the music dealer.


Students will be expected to practice regularly at home. Concerts are not a required part of the curriculum, but may be an option for consideration based on student readiness.


Those interested in signing up for the new elective will need to decide soon. Course selection for the 2017-2018 school year begins shortly.


For more information, please contact our Homer Band Directors via email at jskube@homerschools.org or jthompson@homerschools.org or by calling 708-226-7849.




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