Is a coup is underway



The CIA is famous for toppling foreign governments in order to install puppet regimes the U.S. can control or exploit on behalf of the corporatocracy and military-industrial complex.

The CIA’s first victim was Iran’s Mohammed Mossadegh in 1951. Mossadegh was the democratically-elected prime minister. He ran afoul of Great Britain’s and America’s powerful oil interests when he nationalized his country’s petroleum assets, which cut out the British petroleum company that would later become BP.

In order to avoid provoking a military confrontation with the Soviet Union if England and America resorted to a military option to settle the Iran problem, the CIA sent Theodore Roosevelt’s grandson, Kermit, with wads of cash and the imprimatur to use threats of violence. With payoffs and threats he organized a series of street protests which led to the toppling of Mossedegh’s government. The U.S. then installed Mahammed Reza Shah as Iran’s dictator.

The CIA used similar methods to topple regimes in Central and South America over the years,  as well as in Egypt in 2011, in Libya in 2011 and  in the Ukraine in 2014.

In 1963, the CIA pulled off its first coup in the U.S. with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was targeted because he failed to support the CIA’s operation at Bay of Pigs, because he wanted to pull the U.S. out of Vietnam, and because of his Executive Order 11110 which returned the power to create and issue currency from the Federal Reserve back to the federal government.

Now the CIA is attempting another U.S. coup, and it just gained its first victim, Donald Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Trump had been warned by Senator Chuck Schumer not to take on the Deep State intelligence agencies because they had many ways of retaliation. The CIA had its long knives out for Flynn from the beginning. He was seen as one intelligence officer with the guts to blow the whistle on catastrophic intelligence and operation failures.

But Flynn is only the first step. The main target of the CIA and Deep State is Trump. Some smaller fish may fall along the way, but Trump poses the greatest threat to the establishment and MIC.

He must drain the swamp before the Deep State finishes its coup.

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