School Board Elections are important

Written by John Biver  Ill Family

Early voting begins  for the April 4th Consolidated Election. On the ballot will be candidates for municipal, township, park district, school board and other local governing bodies.

Too many voters think these races are not important, so turnout is typically very low. When turnout is lower – every vote carries much more weight. We have the chance to make a greater impact if we vote and encourage like-minded family, friends and neighbors to also vote.

Illinois Family Action is calling for your participation on several levels. Please learn about the candidates — a simple Google search can be useful even for these more localized races. Many candidates have either a website or a Facebook page with contact information you can use to reach out and ask questions.

Where are the candidates on the issue of property taxes? Local government over-spending and debt is common — and most Illinoisans feel the pain when they receive their property tax bills.

In the schools, unfortunately, we are now dealing with the advance of harmful policies when it comes to “transgender” students and the debate over whether a biological boy should be able to use the girls’ washroom and locker room. This controversy has made national headlines as two suburban school districts have made bad decisions.

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