Harsher consequences for government leakers ?

top secret email concept

Citing the recent WikiLeaks dump of documents related to the CIA’s spying powers, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) says government needs to make it more dangerous for insiders to leak information to the public.

During an interview with MSNBCs Ali Velshi, King lamented that leaks “seem to be replete throughout our government.”

“We’ve got noble people, patriots, serving at each of our agencies. But the problem we have is some of them inside are allowing the leaks and sometimes it may be we’re a little too easy on [them],” he continued.

The influential member of the House Judiciary Committee called the recent WikiLeaks revelations “very, very heavy,” decrying the lack of calls from the White House or other branches of government to stop leaks.

“We know that Julian Assange has delivered a lot of information out there that has turned out to be accurate,” King said. “It looks to me that we’ve got to go back and retool our cyber approach to this because of the leaks that are coming out.”

The White House on Thursday did comment on the leaks, with press secretary Sean Spicer saying President Donald Trump has “grave concern” over the ease of leaking government information.

“This is the kind of disclosure that undermines our country, our security and our well-being,” he said.

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