Homer 33C Schilling School 2nd graders use teamwork, critical thinking skills to solve riddles

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For Immediate Release:

March 16, 2017


Rockin’ the Breakout EDU Challenge

When it comes to Breakout EDU challenges and using their critical thinking skills to solve riddles, Schilling School second-graders rock.


Teacher Ashley Nelson recently challenged her students to solve a series of riddles with a St. Patrick’s Day theme by applying place value and parts of speech to clues.


They had 45 minutes to work together and decipher the curriculum-related clues, which then allowed them to gain the combination to various locks.

Once every lock was unlocked, the teams were able to unlock the final sealed box to win the challenge.


The goal was to “breakout” and escape before the clock ran out. Both teams broke out with 18 minutes to spare!

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