Obamacare lives/Ryancare is pulled from a vote/ Maybe a better Citizencare plan can come

Statement from the Rockford Teaparty March 25, 2017

Ahhh the good ole days when we knew who our opposition was…That was just about 6 short months ago when Obama still held the reigns of power in Washington and across the nation. We knew we could all rally around a common opponent politically. Now we are much less clear as we have finger pointing and name calling within the ranks of what the left wing likes to call Trump Land.

Over the past 8 years House Republicans like Adam Kinzinger voted 60 times to have a full out repeal of Obamacare. It was a repeal and replace bill that they sent. It was full repeal. They knew it would never pass the powerful veto pen and so they were safe. They were able to come back to their temporary homes in their districts and brag about their bravery.

Yesterday their bravery turned into what appears to be fake wounds and expectations they’ll all get purple hearts for the struggle. The Republican Repeal and Replace bill was pulled from the House Floor and one of the first Press Releases to come out was from none other than Adam Kinzinger who began hurling bombs at what is known as a block of Conservative Congressmen known as the “Freedom Caucus.”

He said, “The Freedom Caucus saved Obamacare.”

The reality is that the Freedom Caucus stood by their principles and saved the American People from a horrible bill, one which Adam Kinzinger and Paul Ryan pushed in contradiction to the 60 votes in the house they had previously taken to repeal Obamacare.

The rally cry amongst this cabal of Ryan/Kinzinger Republicans was that there would be three phases of replacing Obamacare. Three phases that we were told “Trust us” we will do them. When was the last time you remember the House Republicans doing anything they said they would do? For 8 years all they had to do to end Obamacare was to defund it. They instead threw up ceremonial repeal bills to get re-elected.

The just now dead Repeal and Replace bill had a number of components to it that the Freedom Caucus Objected to.

1. It would have raised your premiums and not lowered them
2. It would have kept the Obamacare mandate in a different version but you would still be forced to pay for it and f you did not you would be penalized on your taxes at the end of the year.
3. It did nothing to reduce the size of deductibles.
4. It did not address some key components such as how to provide a market place solution except to further empower Insurance Companies.
5. There was no ability to obtain health coverage from Associations which is one of the freest and most liberating market place solutions because it allows you to own your policy with a group as opposed to tying it to your employer.

For these reasons and many more Rand Paul coined the Repeal and Replace bill term “Obamacare-Lyte.”

It was a horrible bill that even Kinzinger admitted was something that Democrats would like and therefore they needed to have a bill that they would vote for. It was a bill he believed was a moderate bill with many compromises.

This is a failure that Trump owns ultimately since he has proclaimed far and wide his superior negotiating skills. Yet he was unable to negotiate within the party he leads a satisfactory bill to replace the disaster we have all been burdened with.

Trump enjoyed the Tea Party support far and wide under the banner that he would have it repealed and replaced within 100 days. Now he is saying he is moving on and won’t address it again. Sorry but if that happens he will and should lose the support of many millions of Americans who trusted him to make this happen. Lets hope he will do the thing he said he would do otherwise America will truly be in for a rough ride for the next four years until he is voted out of office for this massive failure.

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