Homer 33C math students tackle tin man project

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March 28, 2017


HJH math students tackle tin man project

Learn how to calculate surface area


Calculating surface area has never been so fun.


Students in Amanda Monahan’s Discovery Math class were recently challenged to make creatures out of at least 20 three-dimensional shapes and then calculate how much tinfoil they would need to cover every square inch.

They worked in groups, pushing each other to take the assignment to the next level by making life-sized creatures out of 25 to 35 three-dimensional shapes. They created a princess, a dragon, a hedgehog, a rabbit and a creature that can only be described as a cross between a giraffe and a deer.

Next, came the difficult part — measuring every odd curve, bump and angle to determine how much surface area they had created and cover it with tinfoil.

Several came up short; one group came out just right with 0 percent margin of error.


“That’s the first time that this has ever happened,” said Monahan.

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