Homer 33C Spy network infiltrates Hadley Middle School

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March 30, 2017


Spy network infiltrates Hadley Middle School

Takes instruction from pages of history


A network of spies infiltrated the Hadley Middle School library today, decoding secret messages — much like George Washington and his network of spies did during the American Revolution.


Only instead of revealing British troop movements, the students in Gail Mickelson’s Social Studies class were revealing the location of yummy Oreos — hidden among the bookstacks.

Students used some of the same spying techniques George Washington and his network of spies used 239 years ago, including secret codes and mask letters.


They working in pairs, giving themselves secret code names, such as “Agent Panda” and “Captain Underpants.”


Some found their hidden stash of Oreos in minutes. Others required a few extra hints.


“Either you’re too good of a spy, or you’re not good enough,” Mickelson told student as music from the movie “National Treasure” played in the background.


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