Property Taxes increase = Property Value decrease

Editors note:

When discussion of raising the Property Tax Levy at local elected Boards begin, B0ard Members are told by staff, Superintendents,  and or chairs of the Finance Committee how much money they need.  The discussion is rarely if ever on cuts in spending. Public Sector employees on average according to Illinois Policy make 38% more than those not funded by tax dollars in the private sector and are rarely laid off or terminated. Public Sector employees expect a raise every year. New programs that benefit the community are initiated despite the cost pushing up the property tax Levy in the name of all the benefits for the people. This is unsustainable and forces people to leave to places they can afford. Problem is in selling a high taxed home with a huge water bill like in Homer Glen Illinois where no one wants the excessive cost. Local Boards need to understand the difference between needs and wants.

The State of Illinois is broke and has no budget for so long with more bills than revenue, and no light at the end of the tunnel. The Democrat answer is to raise taxes. The republicans say cut spending. On a local level the majority of Boards raise taxes despite campaigning on cutting taxes. In the meantime my taxes keep going up and my property can’t be sold unless I drop the price is a common statement I hear quite often. Just ask yourself “At what dollar amount in property tax will I be forced to move because I can no longer afford it”.

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