Monday 20th May 2019

Trey Gowdy Sent Obama A Message About His Conspiracy Against Trump

Trey Gowdy Sent Obama A Message About His Conspiracy Against Trump

Barack Obama and his loyalists unleashed a deep state conspiracy against Donald Trump.

It began with spying, and progressed to illegal leaks of classified information once Trump took office.

Trey Gowdy stepped-up and put Obama and the leakers on notice with some amazing comments.

Gowdy spoke as part of the U.S. Marshals Museum’s Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Distinguished Lecture Series.

After his speech, he answered a few questions.

Gowdy was asked about government surveillance and the leaking of classified information. reports:

“I’m probably going to reconcile that balancing different from other people based on my background,” Gowdy said. “If there’s going to be an overcorrection I’m probably going to overcorrect toward national security. Why? Because you do have free speech, freedom to have the government seek a warrant in most instances, freedom of a jury trial, right to council and not one of those rights is of much use to you if you’re dead.”

Gowdy also commented on the use of “classified information” in media outlets.

“You want your government protecting you,” Gowdy said before commenting on “things being leaked on the front pages of major newspapers that are supposed to remain classified and secret because they involve U.S. persons.

“This agreement that we’ve made with government that we will give you power but you have to treat it responsibly and safeguard our privacy, that agreement is subject to be renegotiated,” Gowdy said. “You want us to defend reauthorization programs, take the leaks seriously and do something about them. It’s a felony to desseminate classified information.”

Government spying and privacy became hot button issues during the Obama years.

Edward Snowden revealed that Obama was illegally spying on every American by collecting all their electronic communications without first obtaining a warrant.

Americans also learned that the FBI used a questionable opposition research memo prepared by Hillary Clinton supporters as their basis for obtaining a FISA warrant against Carter Page, a minor figure in the Trump campaign who never met Trump himself.

The spying and the leaking merged into scandal when intercepted communications between the Russian Ambassador and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn were leaked to the press.

As an American citizen, Flynn’s name should have been concealed in the transcripts of the communications.

His name can only be unmasked if an official with the proper clearance believes it to be of intelligence value.

A bombshell report found that Susan Rice – Obama’s National Security Advisor – requested the unmasking of Trump officials.

While this was legal, the question remains: Why did Rice request the unmasking?

Critics believe the requests were put in so their names – and the fact they were caught up in surveillance – could be leaked to the press in order to inflict political damage on the Trump administration.

The House and Senate Intelligence Committees have expanded their investigation to include the unmasking of Trump officials and the illegal leaks.

Gowdy sits on the House Intelligence Committee and has assumed a larger role since Chairman Devin Nunes stepped back from the Russia probe.

His comments send a sharp message to the Obama administration and the deep state that they will be held accountable for their conduct.

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