Homer 33C Use Geiger counters, cloud chambers to make atoms visible

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May 1, 2017


Sixth-graders stay after school to learn about nuclear science in today’s world

Use Geiger counters, cloud chambers to make atoms visible


Homer School District 33C sixth-graders used Geiger counters and cloud chambers this week to investigate the world of atomic nucleus.


The afterschool workshop was led by David Kaskie of the American Nuclear Society.

About 20 students signed up to attend the two-day workshop, which was organized by Homer 33C’s STEAM Ahead With Explorers program — an afterschool enrichment program that challenges students to delve further into science, technology, engineering, art and math.


At the two-day Nuclear Science workshop, students learned why some atoms are radioactive, how radiation can be detected from those atoms and how nuclear energy is used in everyday life.


They used Geiger counters and cloud chambers to make atoms visible.


Assisting with the discovery process was Janice Lindegard, education and community outreach specialist with the American Nuclear Society.


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