Boy, it must be nice to get paid a lot of money by the taxpayers of Illinois, and goof around on the job
Boy, it must be nice to get paid a lot of money by the taxpayers of Illinois, and goof around on the job. Leave it to your elected representatives.

Note from Jesus Alaniz

The 2016 Democratic presidential theme was that “working families should not have to struggle to make ends meet”. On May 23rd, the Illinois Senate Democrats passed a bill along partisan lines that would retroactively increase the Illinois state income tax by an estimated 32% or an average of $1,152 per person. I estimate that working individuals will have to fork over two weeks pay to the state, while working couples would have to hand over four weeks’ pay. In addition to struggling families, 800 CAT employees & 800 employees at Butterball, are about to lose their jobs so I made some calls. My first call was to Senator Toi Hutchison who wrote the bill. I informed her staff that these taxes were going to hurt working families and asked if Hutchison expected the 1,600 employees who were about to lose their jobs to pay those increases. Hutchison’s staff along with Rep Linda Chapa Villa’s and Rep. Kelly Cassidy said “they didn’t know” while there was no answer at Rep. Stefanie Kifowit’s office.

These increases along with proposed corporate income tax increases, a new opportunity tax to be laid on Illinois businesses and the talk about forcing companies to raise the minimum wage to supplement the new taxes laid upon working families are just apt to force more companies to follow in CAT’s & Butterballs departure. These taxes don’t care what race you are, whether you’re an atheist or what your religion or your sexual orientation is. These taxes don’t care if you’re a working a single mother or a student trying to pay off loans. “Lawmakers” should be ashamed but the mockery doesn’t end there. On May 23rd a story along with a video showing Ill “lawmakers” prioritizing an upcoming house vs. senate basketball games adds insult to injury, Rep. Litesa Wallace boasts of her cheerleading experience and calls for interested members to see her to discuss outfits (see Q98.5 Online, “Video Shows Rockford Legislator in Springfield Goofing Around on the Job” by Mark Charvat).

In addition to these new abhorrent taxes and sports lunacies, the legislature refuses to commit to freezing property taxes and refuses to say whether or not they will raise taxes, penalties or fees next year. Years ago I switched parties and have had to keep Republicans honest. Now I’m embarrassed and ashamed in having to admit that I was once a Democrat.

Call Your State Rep Now & Tell Them To Get out Of The Family Budget

Illinois House of Reporesentatives
Name District City Phone Number
Daniel V. Beiser – District 111 Alton Illinois (217) 782-5996
Sheri Jesiel – District 61 Antioch Illinois (217) 782-8151
Linda Chapa LaVia – District 83 Aurora Illinois (217) 558-1002
Stephanie A. Kifowit – District 84 Aurora Illinois (217) 782-8028
Jay Hoffman – District 113 Belleville Illinois (217) 782-0104
Christine Winger – District 45 Bloomingdale Illinois (217) 782-4014
Robert Rita – District 28 Blue Island Illinois (217) 558-1000
Elaine Nekritz – District 57 Buffalo Grove Illinois (217) 558-1004
Jim Durkin – District 82 Burr Ridge Illinois (217) 782-0494
David McSweeney – District 52 Cary Illinois (217) 782-1517
Carol Ammons – District 103 Champaign Illinois (217) 558-1009
Mary E. Flowers – District 31 Chicagg Illinois (217) 782-4207
John C. D’Amico – District 15 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8198
Anthony DeLuca – District 80 Chicago Heights illinois (217) 782-1719
André Thapedi – District 32 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-1702
Ann M. Williams – District 11 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-2458
Arthur Turner – District 9 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8116
Barbara Flynn Currie – District 25 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8121
Christian L. Mitchell – District 26 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-2023
Cynthia Soto – District 4 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-0150
Daniel J. Burke – District 1 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-1117
Elgie R. Sims, Jr. – District 34 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-6476
Frances Ann Hurley – District 35 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8200
Gregory Harris – District 13 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-3835
Jaime M. Andrade, Jr. – District 40 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8117
Juliana Stratton – District 5 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-4535
Justin Slaughter – District 27 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-0010
Kelly M. Cassidy – District 14 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8088
La Shawn K. Ford – District 8 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-5962
Luis Arroyo – District 3 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-0480
Marcus C. Evans, Jr. – District 33 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8272
Melissa Conyears-Ervin – District 10 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8077
Michael J. Madigan – District 22 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-5350
Michael P. McAuliffe – District 20 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8182
Robert Martwick – District 19 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8400
Sara Feigenholtz – District 12 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-8062
Silvana Tabares – District 21 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-7752
Sonya M. Harper – District 6 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-5971
Theresa Mah – District 2 Chicago Illinois (217) 782-2855
Will Guzzardi – District 39 Chicago Illinois (217) 558-1032
Elizabeth Hernandez – District 24 Cicero, IL 60804 (217) 782-8173
Katie Stuart – District 112 Collinsville Illinois (217) 782-8018
Allen Skillicorn – District 66 Crystal Lake Illinois (217) 782-0432
Barbara Wheeler – District 64 Crystal Lake Illinois (217) 782-1664
Chad Hays – District 104 Danville Illinois (217) 782-4811
Bill Mitchell – District 101 Decatur Illinois (217) 782-8163
Sue Scherer – District 96 Decatur Illinois (217) 524-0353
Martin J. Moylan – District 55 Des Plaines Illinois (217) 782-8007
David S. Olsen – District 81 Downers Grove Illinois (217) 782-6578
William Davis – District 30 East Hazel Crest Illinois (217) 782-8197
LaToya Greenwood – District 114 East St. Louis Illinois (217) 782-5951
Anna Moeller – District 43 Elgin Illinois (217) 782-8020
Robyn Gabel – District 18 Evanston Illinois (217) 782-8052
Margo McDermed – District 37 Frankfort Illinois (217) 782-0424
Brian W. Stewart – District 89 Freeport Illinois

Video Shows Rockford Legislator in Springfield Goofing Around on the Job

Video Shows Rockford Legislator in Springfield Goofing Around on House Floor
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Boy, it must be nice to get paid a lot of money by the taxpayers of Illinois, and goof around on the job. Leave it to your elected representatives. 

Last time I checked, the state of Illinois did not have a budget and social service agencies and state vendors are waiting to paid. So, what was one of Rockford’s representatives to the Illinois House of Representatives doing? Working? Nope! She helping to planning a softball game on taxpayer time.

Video Shows Rockford Legislator in Springfield Goofing Around on House Floor

Yes, in the Illinois House, last week, representatives were caught on video wasting precious time to discuss the upcoming House vs. Senate softball game and basketball game. Democratic Rockford State Rep. Litesa Wallace, spoke to the chamber, to let members know that “cheerleaders and pom-poms would be ready.” Don’t believe me? Just listen. (Rep. Wallace speaks at 1:15 into the video)

Rep. Wallace, have you forgotten the state has not had a budget for 700 days? Did you forget the legislative session ends on May 31st?

Keep in mind that taxpayers are paying Ms Wallace $67,836.00 a year plus per diem. Ms. Wallace represents Illinois 67th district and her offices are located here in Rockford.

May I suggest a little more work and a lot less goofing off on the taxpayers’ dime?

Massive Hot Dog Recall

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