Sweden drops Assange rape investigation

Sweden drops Assange rape investigation

Transparency advocate tells governments to prepare for war


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warned governments responsible for his seven year self-imprisonment at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to prepare for war as Sweden dropped the rape investigation against him Friday.

Swedish officials issued a statement declaring: “The investigation against Julian Assange is discontinued.”

The prosecutors said their decision was based on the nation’s inability to apprehend Assange in the foreseeable future, adding that they could reopen the case if the transparency advocate returns to Sweden before 2020.

Though Assange’s lawyer declared the dropped charges a “total victory” for his client, Assange remains unable to leave the embassy without the threat of arrest.

British authorities have vowed to arrest Assange for failing to show up for court in 2012.

Meanwhile, despite President Donald Trump’s apparent support for WikiLeaks during the election season, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made clear that the Justice Department is continuing to make Assange’s arrest a top priority.

The transparency advocate left no question about his disgust with the governments working to jail him in a series of comments Friday.

‘Today is an important victory for me, and for the UN human rights system,” he told supporters.

“But by no means does this erase seven years of detention without charge in prison, under house arrest, and almost five years here in this embassy without sunlight”

Assange declared that ‘the proper war is just commencing.”

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