Illionis State Rifle Association Thursday Bulletin – June 22, 2017


ISRA Thursday Bulletin – June 22, 2017


Executive Director’s Message
I would like to thank all those who volunteered and attended the ISRA/NRA Open House.  Regretfully, Range Officer Mel Peterson was tragically killed that morning in a vehicle crash.  I will update everyone as more information becomes available.  The accident is still under investigation.  Please visit our website for Mel’s arrangements.
The British are at it again.  The Police Commissioner of Devon and Cornwall actually had the unmitigated gall to suggest that British citizens who have a gun license could assist in a terrorist crisis.  Well, that did not set too well with the Deputy Chief Constable who quickly disagreed, “Our message to the public is a simple one: to run, to hide and to tell.”  Really, last time I checked it’s very hard to tell anyone anything when you are dead.  Personally, if I ran, it would be to cover and I would return fire – we are law-abiding Americans and we shoot back.
It is not a very bright prospect to think about being murdered in your hiding place.  Of course, the Prime Minister will say strong words and the soft-headed British public will pile a few flowers, ribbons and teddy bears on the site after the blood is washed away.  Then, the next time the same thing will happen.
If you think the Bobbies will save you, think again.  A few years ago, I was called in to help train a few British police in marksmanship.  All I can say is that we were very close to a very large backstop, which saved the day.  Evidence of British police marksmanship occurred a month or more ago when he engaged a terrorist and fired 50 rounds at him, but only hitting him three times.
Winston Churchill’s daughter talked about her experience in WWII.  She was given a rifle and was assigned to a “rifle box” at the end of her street, in preparation for a possible German invasion.  She had no idea how to fire or load the rifle.  She was bewildered, and rightly so, a casualty waiting to be sacrificed.  The perfect example of why “on the job training” is not a good idea.
I predict terrorist attacks will keep reoccurring throughout the world.  Most of the world has disarmed their citizens.  About all that they haven’t done is put out a “come kill me” sign.  The United States is in better shape.  We have nearly 15,000,000 people with concealed carry permits, but that is not enough.  We also need people with rifle training.  I suggest you find a range near you that offers rifle training and take the class.  There are Appleseed classes at the ISRA Range every month; they are inexpensive and provide good basic training.  The next Appleseed is July 15th and 16th at our ISRA Range.
Summer has arrived and, with it, all kinds of shooting activities.  This Sunday morning is the first Glock League of the season at the ISRA Range, as well as the Bulleseye League.  The Bullseye League will really tune up your pistol skills.  Leagues are also great training.  On Tuesday, there is the Tuesday Night High Power League, which is designed for AR15’s, M1’s, M1A’s and vintage military rifles.  Wednesday morning and afternoon is the Bench Rest League, Wednesday afternoon and evening is the increasingly popular F Class League for bolt-action rifles.  Thursday afternoon is the .22 rimfire league and the .22 rimfire F Class league.  All of these leagues enhance your skills.  You won’t get any better sitting in your chair at home.
Thanks for being a member.
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Saturday, June 24, 2017
Handgun Drills VIS Training LTD
MTG Intro to Defensive Pistol (Class is Full)
MTG Mow Light/Flashlight Handgun Skills (Night Shoot)
Sunday, June 25, 2017
American Legion Garand Match
MTG Mastering the Revolver
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