A Message To The Governor

Our state is in the midst of an unprecedented fiscal crisis. As the budget impasse wears on, legislators are under tremendous pressure to pass a tax hike. 

At a time when families are being taxed out of their homes, we know that higher taxes are not the solution. Illinois can no longer afford to put off structural economic and spending reforms.

That’s why it is more important than ever that the voices of families and businesses are heard over the din of political insiders and special interest groups in Springfield.

At Illinois Opportunity Project, we’re working to ensure that you are heard by state lawmakers. We have the staff, the strategy and the know-how necessary to take your message to Springfield. But we can’t do it without you!  

Will you join us in our fight for the families and businesses of Illinois with a generous donation today? 

You can make a gift by using the secure link below: 


Thank you for standing with us. It’s a beautiful day to stop a massive tax hike!

Two Minute Warning

Illinois Democrats have never needed a compromise to get a budget passed. They had veto-proof majorities – and now have a majority –  in the General Assembly. They could have had any budget they wanted at any time. They don’t care about a budget. They care about continuing their favor-factory model of government. But they needed Republican capitulation to continue it. They wanted Governor Rauner to give them political cover for a massive tax hike. And that’s exactly what he just did. Pat Hughes explains in this week’s Upstream Ideas’ Two Minute WarningListen to his commentary here.

Chicago’s Morning Answer (560-AM)

It’s A Beautiful Day To Stop A Massive Tax Hike

In his state address, Rauner calls for compromise. But is that just a euphemism for another “c” word–capitulation? The compromise is a massive tax hike that the Wall Street Journal calls “The Illinois Capitulation.” What if Madigan calls Gov. Rauner’s bluff? Is Rauner focused on winning votes from the public sector and political class when he should be focused on the families who fund it all? And Chicago’s police pension fund will be insolvent by 2021 according to an exclusive report by the Chicago City Wire. State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) joined Dan & Amy to say it’s a beautiful day to stop a massive tax hike. Listen to his interview here.

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